Accomodation for Exchange Students in Riga

Are you already enrolled in an exchange program at a Riga university?

A: If you're coming to Riga for an exchange semester, you'll be joining one of the city's esteemed universities. We offer convenient off-campus accommodations for students from all universities.

Are you looking for off-campus accommodation during your exchange semester?

A: All of our student apartments are conveniently located near Riga's universities. Tailored for international and Erasmus students, our residences ensure a comfortable and enriching living experience.

What amenities and features can I expect in accommodations by Coliving Residences Riga?

Our student apartments are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. You can expect fully furnished rooms, high-speed internet, communal living areas for socializing, and the rent is a fixed price.

What does the fixed price for the accommodation include?

The price includes all utilities such as gas, water, and electricity. You'll also have access to high-speed internet, and the use of washing machines and dryers. We provide weekly cleaning services for community areas. Additionally, essential hygiene products like dishwashing liquid, washing machine tabs, and toilet paper are included. And, of course, all taxes are covered. So there are no hidden costs for you to worry about.

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Are you looking for a university in Riga?

Are you looking for a university in Riga?

University of Latvia (LU): A leading academic institution in Latvia, the University of Latvia offers a diverse range of programs and is known for its vibrant student life and strong research focus. It's a hub for students from around the globe, making it an exciting place for international exchanges. Link to university

Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL): RGSL is renowned for its high-quality law education, focusing on international and European law. It's an ideal choice for students looking to immerse themselves in a rigorous academic environment with a global perspective. Link to university

Riga Stradins University (RSU): Specializing in health and social sciences, RSU is a prominent university with a strong emphasis on practical and clinical training. It's a top choice for students in medical and health-related fields, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a multicultural environment. Link to university

Turiba University: Known for its business-oriented programs, Turiba University blends academic knowledge with practical experience. It's perfect for students pursuing careers in business, tourism, and hospitality, offering a dynamic and career-focused education. Link to university

Art Academy of Latvia (LMA): As the premier institution for art and design in Latvia, the Art Academy of Latvia nurtures creativity and innovation. It's ideal for students passionate about art, offering a range of programs in fine arts, design, and visual communication. Link to university

Riga Technical University (RTU): RTU is a leading technical university with a strong emphasis on engineering, technology, and innovation. It offers a wide range of technical and engineering programs, making it a top choice for students interested in these fields. Link to university

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