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Flexible stay options from one week to one year.

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About Us

At Coliving Residences Riga, we have been dedicated to creating a home-like environment for students since 2017.

With four apartments and 27 rooms, we specialize in providing comfortable and affordable living spaces tailored for those attending summer school, language courses, and other educational programs.

Our mission is to ensure a seamless and enjoyable living experience, so you can focus on your studies and enjoy your time in Riga.

Where to Stay in Riga?

Our residences are located in the Central District, known as "Centrs". Centrs is close to major educational institutions, public transport, and essential amenities. Additionally, Centrs offers a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of shops, cafes, and cultural attractions.

Not far from Centrs is the historic Old Town (Vecrīga), famous for its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and lively nightlife.

Across the river lies Āgenskalns, a district known for its beautiful wooden architecture and green parks.

Benefits of Staying with Us

  • Fully Furnished Rooms: Our rooms are equipped with modern furnishings, providing a comfortable and cozy environment.
  • Weekly Cleaning Service: Enjoy a clean and tidy living space with our regular cleaning services for shared areas.
  • Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen: Cook your favorite meals with ease in our well-appointed kitchens.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: Our transparent pricing ensures there are no hidden costs, making it easy to manage your budget.

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